Sunday, 23 December 2012

I'm not have a sleep for a long night !


A very very good morning. Yeayy. I should said it to myself. Now, the clock's paddles shows 5.37a,m. Its PAGI ! Ohmaigod. I cannot believe that i have no sleep. Yes. I did not have a beauty sleep for tonight. Why my eyes cannot close eh ?

So, a long night i'm just reading a novels. Which that i 'khatam' for many times. But it nice. Seriously, i have not getting boring yet. Its 5 Tahun 5 Bulan written by Hlovate. The whole story is about Ana and Along. Ohh they are sooo sweet.

Besides, surfing and online. Googling a few things. But the most i opened was Twitter and not least, Facebook. Haha. Iam so addicted with them. But there are not many peeps online. Yeahh Liyana, because now is the time the human like you to sleep.

Now, i am hear that my mom in the kitchen right now. Hehe. Should i give some help to her ? No -.-

The ustaz also now reading the Al-Quran in Masjid. Thats mean Subuh is near :D

That all. Hope i'm not 

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